What's in a bake box?
Each Whiskdom bake box comes with 3 whooping ooey gooey cookies and 3
oozing brownies. We offer a different rotation of flavours in your bake box each
week so you can be surprised every time!

When are you open for orders?
We open for orders each Monday 10am and 7pm, whilst stock last. Menu for the week will be posted in our Instagram stories on Sunday
(Follow us on @whiskdom for first dibs).

Why are you sold out?
All our baked goods are lovingly handmade and therefore only a limited batch
can be produced each time. We are working hard on increasing our production
capacity to feed your hungry bellies so we do seek your patience meanwhile!

How can I get on your waitlist?
Submit your name here
1) Each bake sale we reserve 20 slots for people on the Whiskies waitlist to
be fulfilled in chronological order
2) We will reach out to you in advance on whether you want the slot or prefer
to pass it on to the next person
3) Once your waitlisted order is fulfilled, you will be removed from waitlist.

What this means is that.. as long as you got your name on waitlist.. we will
eventually get to you! Sounds like a plan?