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Hainan Happiness: Whiskdom x The Hainan Story

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Available from 15 Nov to 31 Dec

Yibua Blissful brownie
An extraordinary confection drawing its inspiration from the Hainanese Yibua, a traditional treat savored during moments of celebration. This brownie features a delightful combination of chewy glutinous rice mochi, generously adorned with Gula Melaka grated coconut, all enveloped within a rich decadent dark cocoa brownie.

Midnight Goma Snowman
Indulge your palate in pure delight as you savor this cutesy snowman, crafted from luscious velvety black sesame paste, embracing the rich fudgy goodness.

Hainanese Coffee Dream
The Hainan story house-crafted, robust Hainanese Kopi Gao Cream elevates the brownie to new heights, creating a dreamy delight for coffee enthusiasts.

Hainan's Story Best-selling Swiss Roll
The renowned BEST-SELLING Swiss roll, boasting the exquisite Pandan Kaya. This cake sponge is a masterpiece, created from the pure essence of pandan juice extract. This fluffy canvas adorned with a pandan filling that marries the indulgence of coconut cream, butter, white chocolate, and a generous addition of Whiskdom's delightful brownie.