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Matcha Box

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$38.00 SGD
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$38.00 SGD

Each box contains

2 x Matcha Lava Cookie
2 x Hojicha Lava Cookie
1 x Matcha Cocoa Brownie
1 x Hojicha Cocoa Brownie

Matcha Lava Stuffed Matcha Cookie
Indulge in this mouthwatering Matcha Lava Cookie. With soft molten lava at the core, the perfect dessert for any occasions.

Hojicha Lava Stuffed Hojicha Cookie
Soft baked Hojicha cookie with oozing hojicha lava

Matcha Cocoa Brownie
Umami matcha fillin' hidden in it's belly

Hojicha Cocoa Brownie
Amazing roasty toasty hojicha adds a nutty depth to our signature brownies

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